71. Fung-tional Nutrition with Benjamin Lillibridge of Malama Mushrooms

We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the Great Conjunction then to have the amazing Benjamin Lillibridge of Malama Mushrooms on the podcast. Ben is the founder and “fun-guy” of Malama Mushrooms, which he started by growing gourmet mushrooms in a cave on Hawaii’s Big Island. “Malama” means to nurture, protect, and preserve in Hawaiian, and Ben does exactly that while creating healing and nutritional products for all of us to enjoy. In today’s episode, we talk with Ben about all things mushrooms and Malama, including:

  • Starting Malama and growing mushrooms out of his cave
  • Hawaii’s climate being a perfect environment to cultivate mushrooms
  • The healing and nutritional qualities of different mushrooms
  • How to take mushrooms to best benefit your health and routine
  • Using mushrooms externally on your body in addition to internally

We learned SO much from Ben about mushrooms and his amazing products and hope you did too! Make sure to check out his website and Instagram linked below to learn more about him and his products.

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