53. Optimizing Your Health with Jordan Dorn of Zuma Nutrition

Today we are thrilled to have Jordan Dorn of Zuma Nutrition with us on the podcast! Born and raised in Malibu, Jordan left the corporate world to co-found Zuma Nutrition, a health company that sells a wide range of top-notch quality supplements that have the power to improve your health in many ways. In today’s episode, we dig deeper into the world of health, supplements, and Jordan’s life and back story, including:

  • His journey from the corporate world to health and entrepreneurship
  • The 3 main types of supplements and each of their properties
  • Food mixing and how it affects your health
  • Optimizing your diet and supplement intake process
  • Tips on how to live an all around healthier lifestyle

Jordan is an absolute wealth of information and we are so glad he could come on the show.

We are also so lucky to have a coupon code for Zuma Nutrition! Use code GLOWDOWN for 15% off at checkout. 

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