all things UBUD


Ubud  (and all of Bali) is a special place. There is nothing truly like it. Despite the business of the town, it’s the spiritual Mecca of Bali. In Ubud you can find some of the best plant based food, yoga studios, and rice paddies for days…

Some things to note:

Bali Belly is REAL. I’ve had it twice. It’s pretty unpreventable and unpredictable. Getting it sucks but I highly recommend taking a charcoal pill, some hydration packets, and some Curing Pills if you start to feel anything. These will legit save your life. I usually take one charcoal pill every other night before going to bed (at least 2 hours after food), hydration packets if I do get Bali Belly (very necessary), and Curing Pills if I feel anything coming on.

Don’t worry about it though…enjoy your time in magical Bali!!!

~Ubud Cafes~

Zest Cafe
Atman Kafe
Yoga Barn Cafe
Zest Ubud
Dharma Coffee & Juice
Moksa Ubud
Zest ~ceremonial cacao~
Yellow Flower Cafe
Ubud Raw Chocolate Factory
Acai Queen
Atman Nourish (there are 2 Atmans on the same street)
Clear Cafe (MUST go)
Clear Cafe
Alchemy (fully RAW)
DUMBO Bali (fine dining)
Bella by Sage (vegan Italian)

Cafes that I didn’t get to but eventually will…

Things to do/see

(besides cafe hopping to Bali’s cutest cafes)

I have a great & hilarious guide in Bali named Dewa and he can take you to all these places for an affordable price. His WhatsApp is: +62 818-0549-2582

-Take a yoga class at Yoga Barn or go to the ecstatic dance (so fun!! and definitely a once in a life time experience)

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary: very touristy and a one time thing in my opinion. It’s really beautiful but also nice to see the monkeys at the beach in Uluwatu

Pyramids of Chi: such a cool experience!! I highly recommend this if you like sound bathes. I did the Acoustic Bioresonance- Next Generation Sound Healing and it was an unreal experience. It was $70 but it’s an hour and a half experience and my friend that did it with me compared it to doing psychedelics (without the drugs). It was a sound bath on a vibrating waterbed with white lights…hard to explain, just do it! Also there is a cafe there and tons of other events that sound amazing

-Sign up for a yoga teacher training! Ubud is a center for everything spiritual so this is the perfect place. I did my 200 hour teacher training with East + West. Use code ‘arooke’ for $100 off your teacher training and message me with any questions about it!

-Take a day trip to Nusa Penida Island or any of the other islands around. Nusa Penida is a full day adventure so I highly recommend you be well rested and stay hydrated. The road are really rough there and there aren’t very many good restaurants but the views are stunning!

-Bali swing: I have never been to it because I heard it was a waste of time/money but up to you

-Tegallalang rice fields: really pretty, touristy but highly recommend!

-Tegenungan Waterfall: very touristy and lots of steps to get down there but if you have extra time it could be fun with a group or if you go early

-Kanto Lampo Waterfall: highly recommend, the water is clean and there are barely any people there. It is stunning!!

-Tirta Empul Temple: kind of insta famous, very cool temple experience, it is touristy and busy though. Highly recommend you go early and bring a sarong if you have one (if not they have them there)

-Hike Mount Batur: We got picked up from our villa at 2AM and it was about an hour drive. It is SO COLD so bring jackets and wear pants. It’s a hard hike in the dark but so worth it.

-Blue Lagoon: we went snorkeling here and it was so beautiful and it’s really fun with a big group

-Lempuyang temple: we did this the same day as the Blue Lagoon and it was really cool. You can see Mount Agung in the back of it and we went in the afternoon so it wasn’t that crowded.

-River rafting!! I am not exactly sure where this was but it was in Ubud and it was so beautiful and fun. I highly recommend do this…also there were a ton of waterfalls. Takes about 3 hours. Contact my driver Dewa, I listed his number at the top for more information


This is what I’ve done in Ubud but there is so much more in the surrounding areas. Eventually, I want to see the North side!

Lempuyang Temple
Mount Batur
Monkey Forest
Kanto Lampo Waterfall
Mount Batur
Yoga Barn Studio
Blue Lagoon
Lempuyang Temple
River Rafting
views while river rafting
Mount Batur monkeys
Tegenungan Waterfall
Tirta Empul Temple
Tegallalang Rice Terrace