65. The Enlightening Power of Flower Remedies with Katie Hess

We couldn’t think of a better way to start off the month of November than bringing the truly inspirational Katie Hess onto the podcast. Katie is a flower alchemist, the founder of LOTUSWEI, and the author of “Flowerevolution”, working to change the world for the better through her natural remedies, using ancient healing techniques. Her elixirs and healing flower products have been featured in the likes of Vogue and the New York Times. In today’s episode, we talk with Katie about all things flowers, their natural healing power, and her journey, including:

  • Her personal journey with flowers and what led her to build her life around healing others
  • The natural healing power of flower remedies
  • Letting your intuition guide you to the best remedies for your current needs
  • Healing yourself, and how self-love radiates to those around you
  • How she developed her business model to positively impact as many lives as she can

Katie is truly such an amazing person and a wealth of knowledge. We hope you learned just as much as we did about the power of flowers.

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