2 day trip to Melbourne

definitely not enough time spent in this funky, calm, street art filled city but we made the most of our 48 hours spent here!

did I mention I booked my flight 2 days before? (shoutout to my friend Zana who didn’t even need to convince me)

Places to SEE

Great Ocean Road

~I don’t know if anything can compare to the beauty of this full day tour. SO worth the full day of being in a tour bus. We did our tour through Sight Seeing Tours Australia. While we slept during most the drive, it really is beautiful!!

~we easily made over 10 stops and each one was stunning…

here are some pics of my favorite places we stopped at and some of the prettiest beaches I’ve ever seen.

also we are bundled up (scarves and everything) because it was so cold!!! *Visited in September*


Melbourne CBD & around the TOWN

Brighton Bathing Houses


National Gallery of Victoria




St. Paul’s Cathedral


Other things to do:

~watch the penguins at sunset at the end of the St. Kilda pier

~walk around and look at street art and architecture!

~Visit Luna Park



Since we only had 2 days we didn’t have that much time to try out all the hip places in Melby but we got to 2!

Sister of Soul


Matcha Mylkbar









Cafes I didn’t get to but got recs for:

~Vegie Bar

~Serotonin Eatery (listened to an episode of The Plant Proof podcast about this restaurant, sounds amazing)