A surfers paradise with the prettiest beaches in Bali away from all the chaos & traffic of Ubud, Seminyak, and Canggu

Uluwatu is located on the South Western tip of Bali

here is a helpful map to understand exactly where everything is in relation to Uluwatu


A few things to note:

-I have only stayed in Uluwatu once and it was at an Airbnb called Puri Uluwatu Villas. It was pretty far from town because we didn’t have scooters or any form of transportation. There were breakfast and lunch places in walking distance but it’s way too dark to walk at night, there are no sidewalks, and the roads are windy so drivers can’t see you. Bottomline, I either recommend getting a place closer to town or having some form of transportation.

-Taxis in Uluwatu are pretty hard to come by, especially at night, so be prepared.

-Wifi is also notoriously not good here so it’s a great place to just disconnect & relax.

-I would say this is my favorite town in Bali since it’s way less crowded and a lot more chill! Also, less pollution and trash

~Where to EAT~

Suka Expresso

Muzz Kitchen (Yoga Searcher Bali)

Muzz Kitchen (Yoga Searcher Bali)


The Cashew Tree


Bukit Cafe


The Mango Tree Cafe


if you aren’t chillin by the pool villa you could head to the beach or do some other fun thingss

Check out Padang Padang beach!

~I haven’t seen it yet but apparently a scene from Eat Pray Love was filmed here! This is a super pretty beach, clear water, monkeys roaming around, safe to swim, lots of surfers, and an unreal sunset! It also costs a little $$ to enter so bring cash!!