91. Wholesome, Holistic and Mindful Nutrition with Vanessa Rissetto

We’re all about nutrition here on Get the Glowdown, and we couldn’t think of a better person to bring on for advice and information than the amazing Vanessa Rissetto! A woman of many achievements, Vanessa is a registered dietician, the cofounder of Culina Health, the Dietetic Internship Director for New York University, and was named by Essence magazine as one of the top 5 black nutritionists that will change the way you think about food! In today’s episode, we tap into some of Vanessa’s expertise and talk all things nutrition, including:

  • How Vanessa started her health and nutrition journey, her educational background and how she founded Culina Health
  • Dispelling many myths about dieting and the rigidity of mainstream diet culture
  • How to balance your quality of life and nutrition to eat what you love while still living a healthy lifestyle
  • Vanessa’s tips for eating a nutrient dense diet while bypassing many of the grueling dieting practices that don’t actually work
  • Living.a healthy lifestyle (regardless if you fit into societal “health” standards)

We learned SO much from Vanessa and hope you did too! We hope she can come back for another episode and spread some more of her sage wisdom! Make sure to check out her information linked below. 

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