90. Lessons in Abundance and Quantum Leaping with the Spiritual Boss Babe, Stephanie Bellinger

We’re delighted to have the Spiritual Boss Babe on the podcast with us today! Stephanie Bellinger is the creator of Spiritual Boss Babe– the booming online community and podcast serving tens of thousands of spiritual entrepreneurial women around the world. Stephanie is a Mindset and Transformation coach helping healers, coaches and visionaries Quantum Leap into their next level of Purpose, Impact & Abundance. Her mission is to help purpose driven women completely transform their mindset, unlock their innate magic, and create a life and business that sets their SOUL on fire!  She believes that together, we can make a massive impact in the world, and raise the vibration of the planet. In today’s episode, we talk all things spirituality and abundance with Stephanie, including:

  • Her journey with spirituality and starting her business
  • Getting rid of the lack mindset
  • Tips for quantum leaping and manifesting abundance into your life
  • Incorporating spirituality into your daily routine

We learned SO much from Stephanie today and hope you did too! Be sure to check out her information linked below!

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