9. What to do on a “Bad Day”


The Glowdown:

Have you ever had an OFF day where you feel like doing nothing or you feel like the world is out to get you? We have ALL been there. What do you do on these “bad” days? How do you even define a “bad” day? In this episode, we are giving you the glowdown for how to fully feel these bad days while staying in alignment with your goals and manifestations. You will hear what we do on bad days, and we will share tools that we use to make them not as bad. Remember, everything does pass & better things are on the way. 

Now, turn up the volume, listen up, and get ready to shake it off!! 

We also talk about:

  • Yoga nidra & meditation
  • Being tickled 
  • Puppy videos 
  • Allowing negative emotions to have their place
  • Fresh starts
  • Taking responsibility
  • Giving without the expectation of receiving


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