88. Investing, Stocks & Financial Management with Sloane’s Dad Steven Chmara

As personal finance enthusiasts, we’re always learning new things and sharing our tips but it’s always important to have the experts come on and share some of their sage advice. Today, we’re thrilled to have Sloane’s dad, Steven Chmara, on the podcast for that exact reason! Steve is the Senior Vice President of Investments at Stifel Nicholas, and has been a licensed financial advisor since 1995. Having been in the world of finance for all these years, he was able to share some of his sage advice and give beginners an introduction into the world of personal finance and the stock market, including:

  • How he started his career and his advice to those wanting to break into finance
  • Defining the financial terms we’ve all hears but can never fully understand
  • Walking us through the world of stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds
  • How to start investing for retirement and other life goals
  • His thoughts on the current state of the economy and financial markets

We are so glad Sloane was able to have her dad on the podcast and are so grateful for Steve coming on and sharing some of his wisdom! We learned so much about personal finance today and hope you did too. Be sure to check out Sloane’s FREE 3-day body confidence challenge, as well as some personal finance resources linked below!

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