81. Finding Abundance Through Financial Independence with Holly Morphew

We’re kicking off April on Get the Glowdown with some life-changing financial advice from Holly Morphew! Holly is a Certified Financial Coach and the founder and CEO of Financial Impact, where she helps people achieve financial independence and create personal wealth. She is also the author of “Simple Wealth”, which is a #1 best seller in financial, retirement and women in business categories, and her work has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance and more. Today we talk with Holly about all things financial freedom and abundance, including:

  • Her journey to financial freedom and abundance after getting out of tens of thousands of dollars in debt
  • The meaning of financial freedom and the state of financial abundance
  • Diversifying sources of income to achieve financial freedom
  • Escaping the lack mindset and gaining control of your finances
  • Holly’s tips for everyone to get started on their journey to personal wealth and financial abundance

We learned so much from Holly today and hope you did too! Make sure to check out her information linked below to help you on your financial journey.

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