79. Holistic Sexuality and Women’s Empowerment with Miranda Amora

We’re continuing sexuality month on Get the Glowdown with today’s episode featuring our amazing friend, Miranda Amora. Miranda is a Women’s Holistic Sexuality and Empowerment Coach who has helped many women on their sexual, self-love and empowerment journeys and is currently in the process of creating her own Holistic Wellness boutique! On today’s episode, we talk with Miranda about all things female sexuality and empowerment, including:

  • Fulfilling your female desires without relying on male attention or validation
  • The importance of sexual health and wellness
  • Staying in touch with both your divine feminine and divine masculine
  • The importance of combining self-love and sexuality on your sexual journey

We learned so much from Miranda and hope you did too! We cannot wait for her to open her boutique.

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