78. Acupuncture, Women’s Health and Sexuality with Dr. Jill Blakeway

To continue Women’s Health month, we’re discovering the world of acupuncture and women’s sexual well-being with Dr. Jill Blakeway! Jill is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM), a licensed and board-certified acupuncturist (LAc), and clinical herbalist who has been practicing energy healing for over 20 years. Jill founded the Yinova Center in New York City in 1999, which now has three locations across the city. She is also the author of three books about women’s reproductive health, sexuality, and energy healing. Today, we talk with Jill about acupuncture, her books, and women’s physical and sexual health, including:

  • Implementing acupuncture into your health regimen and the benefits it holds
  • Sexual health and increasing your libido through natural processes
  • Her career opening three Yinova centers and writing three books
  • Using Eastern Medicine to improve your physical and sexual health

We learned so much from Dr. Jill and hope you did too!

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