68. Plant-Based Eating for Mental Well-Being with the Superfood Goddess

Today we are delighted to welcome the wonderful Stephanie Bosco, also known as the Superfood Goddess, onto the podcast. Stephanie is a triple-certified holistic health coach, plant-based chef, and teacher who teaches cooking classes specializing in Whole Food, plant-based cooking. Stephanie is a firm believer that with taking the time to learn and grow, understanding others, and creating more compassion, we can achieve a kinder world. In today’s episode, we talk all things Whole Food and wellness with Stephanie, including:

  • Her backstory and how her brother started her journey with plant-based food
  • Her qualifications and background as a holistic health coach
  • How to effectively “transition” into a plant-based lifestyle
  • The power of energy, love, and positivity in food and how the energy behind how food is made impacts the way you feel
  • Her favorite ingredients and Whole Foods that she incorporates into her diet and her teachings to her clients

Stephanie is a true wealth of information and we hope you learned as much as we did about the wonders of plant-based Whole Food!

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