67. Gratitude, Compassion and Grace This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving week is upon us, and it comes as no surprise that this year’s Thanksgiving will be unlike any other in our lifetime. Whether you’re staying home or safely gathering with family, we can try our best to put aside the hardships of this year, be grateful for what we have and enjoy the company of loved ones, be it virtually or in-person. In today’s episode, we give our tips on how to make this Thanksgiving as positive and safe as can be, including:

  • Seeing family vs. Not seeing family
  • Dealing with the food habits and stigmas surrounding eating on Thanksgiving
  • Effectively dealing with judgement from family members (and the importance of self-love and self care!)
  • Navigating stress surrounding being with family or COVID
  • Finding a way to positively work through the divisions that this year has sown within all of us

We hope you learned something from our tips and can implement them, practice self-love and self-care (as always!) and have a happy and wholesome Thanksgiving!

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