63. Nutrition Response Testing & Smart Supplementation with Vanessa Fitzgerald

October is nutrition month on Get the Glowdown and we couldn’t think of a better way to kick it off than to have the amazing Vanessa Fitzgerald on the podcast. After having a slew of health issues from a young age, Vanessa now dedicates her time to helping others achieve their highest nutritional state through holistic coaching and setting healthy patterns. In today’s episode, we talk with Vanessa about her life, career, and how she helps others, including: 

  • How her own health journey inspired her to help others on their own journeys with health and wellness
  • What Nutrition Response Testing is and why it is helpful regarding your personal health
  • How she coaches her clients holistically and helps them improve their personal health
  • The ins and outs of supplementing and how to do it smartly
  • Her protocols for boosting your immune system and living a non-toxic life

It was such an honor to have Vanessa on the podcast and we hope you learned something you can incorporate into your own life!

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