62. Boundaries, Channeling, and Living Purposefully with Jordan Younger of the Balanced Blonde

Today we’re honored to have one of our dream guests on the podcast: the amazing and inspirational Jordan Younger from The Balanced Blonde! Jordan is a bonafide blogger and spiritual expert, having been a blogger for over 7 years. She works daily to help others attain their highest self and spiritual status through spirituality, healing and self-love. In today’s episode, we dive deeper into Jordan’s life and career, including:

  • Leaving grad school and turning her lifelong passion into her career
  • Her journey with Orthorexia and learning how to stay true to herself
  • Sharing her life online and setting healthy boundaries for doing so
  • Finding the aspects of spirituality that work for YOU (spirituality is different for everyone!)
  • Respectfully spreading spirituality and healing to others in your life

We are so glad Jordan could come on the podcast, and hope you feel inspired by her sage words and wonderful energy!

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