56. Spiritual Evolution and Ascending into 5D with Christian Stockwell

Today we had the pleasure of having the inspirational Christian Stockwell on the podcast with us. Christian grew up with severe OCD and anxiety, but through spiritual awakening and practices he has healed himself and found enlightenment. A Southern California native, Christian is now a full-time life and spirituality coach, helping others become their highest selves and find their spiritual light through healing themselves from their negative feelings. In today’s episode, we talk with Christian about all things spirituality, healing and meditation, including:

  • How Christian’s spiritual awakening came about and his journey with spirituality ever since
  • What it means to experience life in 5D and how people can feel and process it
  • How Christian incorporates spiritual practices into his everyday life (you can too!)
  • Healing your negative feelings, thoughts and emotions in a spiritual manner
  • Explaining shadow work, why it is so important and how to implement it in your own life

Christian was such a wealth of information and we were so lucky to have him on the podcast. We hope you walk away from this episode having learned something new about spirituality and can incorporate it into your own life.

Make sure to check out Christian’s links below to see his content and contact him regarding coaching!

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