55. Merging the Worlds of Spirituality and Athletics with Chanti Soleil

August is spirituality month here on Get the Glowdown, and there couldn’t be a better way to start it than featuring the lovely Chanti Soleil on today’s episode! A former D1 student athlete, Chanti had her spiritual awakening at Burning Man just before her start at UCLA, and ever since, she has worked to merge two worlds: her athletic ambition and her spiritual life. She now helps athletes and driven human beings achieve self-actualization and become their highest selves. In today’s episode, we talk all things athletics and spirituality, including:

  • Chanti’s journey from D1 athlete to spiritual guru
  • The power of breath in all aspects of life
  • Her tips for fellow athletes on following their own spiritual journey
  • Her Burning Man experience and how it changed the course of her life
  • Starting her business and her program to help athletes be their highest selves

We were so glad to have Chanti in today’s episode and hope you feel enlightened and were able to learn some sage information on spirituality and breathwork!

Chanti also has a holistic coaching program for athletes toward self-actualization which is linked below!

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