52. Functional Foods and finding JOY(A) in life with Ruth Elnekave

Today, we’re thrilled to have the amazing Ruth Elnekave on the podcast! Ruth is the Founder of JOYA, Functional Food company that focuses on creating products that are equally as delicious as they are rich in nutrients, adaptogens, and much more. A true renaissance woman and innovative entrepreneur, Ruth tells us her story and how JOYA is changing the world of wellness through offering nutrient-dense foods that are delicious to taste and life-changing in their effects.

In today’s episode, we talk with Ruth about:

  • Her backstory, leaving the corporate world and how JOYA came about
  • What sets JOYA apart from other wellness brands
  • How JOYA goes above and beyond to ensure their quality of product is top-notch
  • Functional Foods vs. Superfoods
  • The ins and outs of incorporating adaptogens into your daily life

Ruth is such an inspirational and knowledgeable person and we are so glad she was able to come on the show and inform us about all the amazing things JOYA is doing! 

We also have a discount code for you guys! When checking out on JOYA’s website make sure to use code GLOWDOWN for a discount!! We can’t wait for you to try some of Ruth’s amazing products.

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