50. Loving Yourself While Loving Your Partner

Today’s episode is all about love! Yes, the traditional type of love (aka relationships), but also the importance of incorporating self love and self care into your relationships and love life! We built on last week’s episode where our guest, Kelsey Burchett, talked about her expertise in self love. She started her self love journey due to a bad relationship, highlighting the importance of self love even when you are loving someone else. In this episode, we give our tips on maintaining our sense of self and self love while in a relationship, including:

  • Changing your outlook on the dynamic of your relationships 
  • Not sacrificing your needs for the sake of your relationship
  • Prioritizing yourself and your needs while still having endless love for your partner
  • The importance of checking in on your relationship
  • Staying true to yourself no matter what!

We hope you guys can put these tips to good use and maintain your sense of self while still having a loving relationship!

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