49. Decoding and Practicing Deep Self Love with Kelsey

We are so delighted to have the lovely Kelsey, also known as Unplugged Goddess, on today’s episode! Kelsey is a self love coach working to help empower her followers through finding their own individual version of practicing self love. We go over many aspects of self love and Kelsey’s work, including:

  • How Kelsey got started on her self love journey
  • Decoding what self love really means
  • Self love vs. self care
  • Finding a self love routine that works for you
  • The importance of self love in romantic relationships

Kelsey is such a wonderful soul and we are so happy we could have her on to share some of her wisdom to all of us, allowing us to find self love in our lives!

Also, make sure to check out her website linked below to stay updated on her upcoming self love course!

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