47. Life Coach Jewel Hohman on the Power of Brain-Based Coaching

Today, we’re over the moon to have the lovely Life Coach Jewel Hohman on the podcast! Jewel is an amazingly gifted life coach who focuses on her method of brain-based coaching in which she helps clients embrace their humanness and work through their emotions in a natural, holistic manner. In today’s episode, we talk with Jewel about surviving and thriving during these unprecedented times and how to best manage your emotions, finding motivation and determination, and getting yourself on the right track to success coming out of quarantine. 

We’ll go over many aspects of her coaching, including:

  • Why coaching is so important
  • Finding the right coach for you
  • The Motivational Triad
  • The fundamentals of Brain-Based Coaching

Jewel is such a talented, knowledgeable and magical person, and an outstanding brain-based coach, and we’re so glad we got to have her on the show! 

She also has a freebie for listeners of this podcast: make sure to check out the PDF linked below!

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Jewel’s Freebie:

Mind Management Introduction: https://drive.google.com/file/d/102b4nRC4tBZ2d6v4Qi5Yq_kCI8n2EdC_/view?usp=sharing



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