4. Best Morning Ever! Get the Scoop on Our Morning Routines


The Glowdown:

Today on the show, we’re taking you through one of the most important aspects of our day: Our Morning Routine. Grab your matcha latte or celery juice as we chat about why it works for us to have an established morning routine and how it helps us start off with the highest vibrations to carry throughout the day. We’ll take you step by step through our mornings and hope to inspire you to establish your own routine!

We also talk about:

  • Mercury retrograde
  • Setting alarms in the morning
  • Journaling 
  • Sloane hums morning, day, and night 
  • Gratitude, crystals, and intentions
  • Dreams: do you remember your dreams? Does everyone dream the same amount? Do you lucid dream?
  • Mantras, affirmations

We have a facebook group, and we want YOU to join! Grab your adaptogenic lattes and palo santo and head to our Facebook group:  “Get The Glowdown Podcast Babes”. This is a group for health oriented goddesses to freely discuss anything that their hearts desire pertaining to health and wellness. Head to the page and introduce yourself + share your top 5 wellness tips for how you GLOW. we want to hear about your morning routine and if you try any of ours!


There are so many exciting episodes and interviews coming up…this is just the beginning! 


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Mentioned In the Podcast: 

The Miracle Morning

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HitomiNow app

Gabby Bernstein Mantra Cards

Sloane’s KKgreenie



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