37. Timothy Huffman of Creation Family Farms on Spiritual Microgreen Farming & Heart Centered Living


The Glowdown:

In today’s episode, we’re bringing you to Creation Family Farms in the San Fernando Valley to speak with Timothy Huffman! As you listen to the birds chirping and the wind whistling around us, you’ll learn more about Timothy, a farmer who grows the most beautiful and nourishing food. After years and years of research and farming, he truly sees food as medicine. He is extremely passionate about growing foods that turn people on – What activates them? What makes them thrive? What makes their bodies glow? This is what Timothy has dedicated his life to! He is also very invested in women’s health and is a true source of inspiration and light for the divine feminine energy that lives in all of us, no matter your gender. Timothy is especially known for his incredibly potent and powerful microgreens which he sells in farmer’s markets around the Los Angeles area. The next time you see him at the farmer’s market, go and say hello and try some of his famous broccoli sprouts! While we may not completely subscribe to Timothy’s raw vegan philosophies, we are honored to be able to bring a wide variety of perspectives to YOU, our beautiful listeners, so that we can all broaden our knowledge and share new ideas from around the world.

We also talk about:

  • The incredible richness of Creation Family Farm’s soil.
  • Why they farm with crystals in the fields.
  • The major benefits of including microgreens in your diet.
  • Why Timothy eats a raw, plant-based diet.
  • How to activate the divine feminine energy in yourself.


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