35. Ron Seibold of Pines on The Magic of Wheatgrass


The Glowdown:

Today we are bringing the father of WHEATGRASS to the podcast…Ron Seibold of Pines. We took a deep dive into the nutrients and incredible benefits of one of our fave green superfoods, and we can’t wait for you to learn all about it in today’s episode! A little more on Pines – Pines calls itself the only 100% organic wheatgrass company in Kansas because unlike its competitors who have a small sideline organic business and do mostly non-organic farming using pesticides (and the same machinery to process both), Pines only does organic. They also use no irrigation…only rainwater! How cool?! In this episode you’ll hear Ron talk about the research on the health benefits of wheatgrass that was done by Dr. Schnabel, whose original lab is located on Pines property today in Lawrence, Kansas. Using commercially dehydrated wheatgrass, he developed the world’s first multivitamin and called it “Cerophyl.”

We also talk about:

  • What is the difference between wheatgrass, alfafa, and barley grass?
  • How to tell if your wheatgrass is safe (and not moldy)
  • Why Pines goes above and beyond in their farming practices
  • The health benefits of super greens
  • Why you should NOT take wheatgrass shots
  • Is wheatgrass gluten free?
  • How to incorporate these powders into your daily life
  • Why we love Pines and its history

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This episode is brought to you by Pines Wheatgrass! Pines is the original Wheatgrass company and we are so proud to work with them at Get the Glowdown! They take extreme pride in their harvesting process, producing the best quality wheatgrass in the world. Whether it’s their glass containers or use of rainwater, Pines ensures that they are taking care of the environment while producing their premium products. Pines will work late into the night to get the cereal grasses (wheatgrass, barley grass, etc..) harvested and rushed  to get peak nutrition, while other brands let their grasses grow more to get a greater yield. Because of this, Pines provides twice the nutrition per gram than what others achieve. ie. a recommended  serving of Pines is 3.5 grams vs. 8-10 grams for other WG brands. Shop HERE to get in on the magic that is this green superfood!

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