3. Living with a Chronic Illness with Nat Kelley of Plenty & Well


The Glowdown:

In this episode, we chat with our friend and holistic health coach Natalie Kelley. Natalie strives to help women love themselves, live well, and thrive while living with a chronic illness. Natalie is an ulcerative colitis fighter and is currently finding a routine that works for her everyday. She has been an advocate and leader for standing up for herself and what feels right for her body. She is active, loves recipe testing, and is an advocate for self care, but what really makes her GLOW is helping other women with chronic illness. 

Living with chronic illness does not sound like much for someone who has not experienced it. There is no simple cure, and Natalie has spent years doing trial and error treatments. Natalie describes her experience with battling chronic illness in college, how it has affected her social life, and she shares inspiring tips for others with chronic illness. Dive into this episode and it’ll be easy to see why Natalie is such an inspiration for women all over the world. 

We also talk about:

  • What is UC?
  • How to be your own health advocate
  • Navigating relationships when you follow a special diet
  • Manifestations and goals
  • Being a female solopreneur 

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