21. Ali Bonar of Kween on Vulnerability & Food Freedom


The Glowdown:

Today’s episode is a beautiful interview with Ali Bonar, the female boss babe behind the delicious granola butter company, Kween. Ali, previously known on the gram for her incredible ‘drip’ photos, opens up to us about her journey with an eating disorder and her recovery. Ali is the definition of #realtalk and her entrepreneurship story is super inspiring. We learned so much about Ali, developing a successful business, and creating a healthy work & self care balance, and we can’t wait for you to listen in!

We also talk about:

  • Ali’s granola butter journey & entrepreneurship life
  • Ali’s eating disorder story
  • Self care routines
  • The comparison trap on social media
  • Cuddling 
  • Sharing on social media 
  • Dealing with bad days

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