19. Tracey McGill on Organic Skincare & Owning a Small Business


The Glowdown:

Daylight savings is here and we’re getting cozy listening to episode 19 with Tracey McGill from On Board Organics! On Board is an organic, all-natural skincare company based in Los Angeles. Hand-crafted by Tracey herself, these products are made with incredible, simple, and nourishing ingredients. Whether you have sensitive skin or not, this brand is for you! Tracey talked to us about the beauty industry, running a small business and being an entrepreneur, managing work life balance, and so much more. Be sure to listen through for a surprise from Tracey to you! 


We also talk about:

  • How On Board Organics came to be
  • Creating your schedule as an entrepreneur
  • How to tell if a beauty product is safe
  • Why you should ditch your drug store skincare
  • Dealing with different seasons of business


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We are so excited to announce that Tracey has given you all a coupon code to use at On Board Organic’s online shop! Use the code GLOWDOWN and choose from a wide range of products. We love the face cleanser, moisturizer, and bikini wax treatment. Bring them in your carry-on and keep them on your bathroom counter – this is about to be your new favorite skincare find!

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