13. All About Alcohol | Living Your Best ~Tipsy Girl~ Life


The Glowdown:

CHEERS to the weekend! Bottoms up babes, because we’re chatting all things ALCOHOL on today’s shop. Episode 13 is addressing our top tips for living your best tipsy girl life in high school, college, and post-grad. You’ll hear about our personal histories with alcohol, our fave drinks, and the best tips for how to stay say and healthy on your nights out. Get ready to have some fun, and let’s dive in!


We also talk about:

  • How airplanes fly (yep, you read that right)
  • Why neither of us drank until our senior year of high school
  • Our opinions on mixing liquor
  • How to beat tomorrow’s hangover
  • Why it’s absolutely ok to drink while trying to live a healthy life
  • Partying sober, and why you should try it


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